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Air Handling Units

An Air Handling Unit, (AHU) provides a tailor-made solution for optimising air conditions throughout multiple spaces. An AHU can be customised to your building – with no installation restrictions or design limitations – as Air Handling Units are based on a completely unique modular design, they can be sized to your exact requirements.

Wide range of air flows

Daikin Applied’s wide range of air handling systems handle air flow rates from 0.1 m3/s up to 55 m3/s. The AHU can be adapted to deliver whatever air flow you require, via the specific dimensions of flow section available at the installation.

High efficiency components

All Daikin Applied Air Handling Units have been designed for optimum energy efficiency. Polyurethane panels guarantee excellent thermal insulation performance. Filters are positioned for maximum effectiveness, being mounted on sealed fixing frames to ensure filtration efficiency.

D-AHU Modular

D-AHU Modular

Compact ventilation unit with heat recovery
Air flow: 500 to 25,000m3/h
AHU Professional

D-AHU Professional

Air Handling Units
Air flow: 0.3m3/s – 55 m3/s

D-AHU Modular L

High-end solution with heat recovery
From 0.08 m³/s up to 0.7 m³/s

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