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D-AHU Modular L

From 0.08 m³/s up to 0.7 m³/s

The compactness, air flow range coverage through 6 sizes and the achieved filtration efficiency make the Modular Light a precious ally for your ventilation system. The components used and the structure of the unit meet the ever more stringent requirements concerning energy efficiency, fire regulation and hygiene. 

The future of ventilation

The new Modular Light represents one of the best solutions in terms of decentralised ventilation with unique selling features such as unit height, air fl ow range, number of sizes and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) achievement.

Air flow range

Modular Light is available in 6 sizes covering a wide range of applications such as hotels, offices, schools and light commercial buildings.

  • Summary
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  • New decentralised solution for fresh air treatment
  • Fully featured unit with "Plug and Play" concept
  • Wide airflow coverage
  • Best choice when compactness is needed (only 280 mm height for up to 0.08 m3/s of air flow)
  • Optimised SFP (Specific Fan Power) for an efficient unit operation
  • IE4 motor efficiency with EC centrifugal plug fan
  • High thermal heat recovery efficiency (up to 93%)
  • Excellent indoor air quality (IAQ). Up to F9 filtration level with possibility to have a pre-filter up to F7 for the best IAQ
  • Easy and quick installation and commissioning
  • Compliant with Hygiene Directive VDI 6022
  • Overcoming the ERP 2018 European Regulations
  • Eurovent certified

Modular Light Versions

  • Modular Light without internal heating coil 
  • Modular Light with internal heating coil (water)

All the main units are available on right or left connection side (rule: looking in the supply air direction, standing below the ceiling suspended unit) 

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