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D-AHU Professional

Air flow: 0.3m3/s – 55 m3/s

Continual climatic changes caused by the well known issues affecting the environment on a global scale, make comfort conditions and air quality inside buildings today more important than ever, to ensure people’s health and well-being. Ideal comfort comes from appropriately controlled temperature, humidity and quality of air introduced into room spaces, that is to say the ability to ensure comfort conditions based on the intended use of the space. For these reasons, in an air conditioning system, the air handling units (AHU) have to be versatile in order to suit the treatment needs for the spaces available for their installation.

Daikin Applied UK is able to achieve and optimise all of this. Our AHUs are based on a completely modular design, capable of adapting to the needs of a variety of installation types. The design on which the Daikin AHUs are based enables, while maintaining the constructive technology and philosophy, to configure AHUs suitable for application in all market sectors (hospital, pharmaceutical, process industry, civil sector, etc.) through simple structural changes already made available and selectable.

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AHU Professional


  • Pre defined size – Twenty-seven (27) fixed sizes optimized to reach the best compromise between competitiveness and manufacturing standardization
  • Infinitely variable sizes – Designed to overcome installation constraints. The system gives the possibility to tailor the unit sizes through increments of 5 cm average
  • Premium Eurovent performances
  • Highest efficiency for extensive application range
  • Ultra low SFP in compliance with building regulations

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