Heating and cooling from 70 kW up to 750 kW

The new Daikin BLUEVOLUTION Heat Pump series (EWYT-B-) is the result of careful design aimed to optimise the energy efficiency and thus the total life cycle cost, with reduced operating cost thanks to outstanding performances and reliability. 
The Heat Pump features high efficiency scroll compressor arranged in tandem or trio configuration on each refrigerant circuit, optimised condensing section with advanced technology condensing fans and plates Water Side Heat Exchanger with low refrigerant content and reduced pressure drops.

The new Daikin BLUEVOLUTION Heat Pump uses R-32 refrigerant to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of the unit. The selection of R-32 (chemical name difluoromethane) minimises the global warming impact of scroll compressor units thanks to the lower Global Warming Potential in combination with high-energy efficiency. 
The Global Warming Potential of R-32 is 675, which is only one third of the commonly used refrigerant R-410A.  


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Range overview.  
EWYT-B- is available with: 

  • 2 different layouts: Parallel Coil coil and Double V Coil.
  • 2 Efficiency levels: Gold (high efficiency) and Silver (standard efficiency).
  • One or Two independent refrigerant circuits.
  • 3 noise versions: Standard, Low and Reduced each one carefully designed to meet the acoustic requirements of the installation site
  • R-32 HFC refrigerant
  • Performance according to EN14511
  • Two truly independent refrigerant circuits with two or three compressors, to assure maximum safety for any maintenance
  • Superior control logic with the MicroTech 4 controller

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