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Modular Systems

Cooling capacity: 10kW to 40kW

The Modular range extends from 10W to 40kW and was designed with retro-fit in mind. The range is flexible with full fresh air and fluid free cooling options available across the entire range. As with all close control systems, they are designed high sensible applications including small to mid-size server suites, communications rooms, power distribution spaces or UPS rooms.

  • Summary
Modular Cover Daikin Applied


  • Unit capacities in chilled water and direct expansion from 10kW to 40kW
  • Top return air, discharge via the bottom to a raised floor
  • Top return air, discharge via the front to a cold aisle
  • Upflow top discharge with front, rear or bottom return
  • Coils and filters selected to minimise air side pressure drops
  • Environmentally friendly R410a, R407C and R134a refrigerant circuits available on all systems with variable speed compressor options across selected systems
  • Fresh air free cooling plenums available on all systems
  • Intelligent management of the room site dew point during free cooling to avoid dehumidification or the introduction of excess moisture
  • In-built networking allows all systems to operate as one to minimise energy consumption
  • Modulation of all components ensure load matching at the point of operation
  • Dual cooling (fluid) options available across all products


  • Traditional fan and EC fan options available on all systems.

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