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Small EC Fans

Cooling capacity: 6kW to 18kW

Small systems are designed for smaller high sensible applications including small server suites, communications rooms, distribution spaces or smaller UPS rooms.

  • Summary
Small EC Fans Daikin Applied


  • Unit capacities in chilled water and direct expansion from 6kW to 18kW
  • Top return air, discharge via the bottom to a raised floor
  • Top return air, discharge via the front to a cold aisle
  • Upflow top discharge with front, rear or bottom return
  • Coils and filters selected with low air side pressure drops to minimise fan power
  • Fresh air free cooling plenums available on all systems
  • In-built networking allows all systems to operate as one to minimise energy consumption


  • Dual cooling (fluid) options available across all products.
  • Environmentally friendly R410a or R407C refrigeration circuits available on all systems with variable speed compressor options

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