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iCM intelligent Chiller Manager

Daikin Applied iCM intelligent chiller manager for chiller plant rooms

Whatis iCM, the intelligent chiller manager?

Factory-engineered system control to manage a chiller plant room

Thus optimising its performance and increasing its reliability by:

  • Optimal start-up, sequencing & staging of chillers
  • Matching chiller capacity to load demand


iCM's main functionalities:


Determines whether chillers are available or not, based on:

  • Inputs from the chiller unit controllers
  • Modbus communication status
  • Pump status


Optimises the order in which available chillers are turned on and off depending on operating hours, energy efficiency, etc.


Calculates energy-optimal stage-up/stage-down of the chiller by determining the increased capacity demand by capacity control, compensation of temperature and rotation. This function aims at providing the most energy-efficient combination of chillers on a continuous basis.

Stopping Last Chiller/Recycling

Captures a rise in demand when the last chiller is staged down, by operating the pump dedicated to the next ON chiller at a minimum VFD frequency.

Min/Max Operating Chiller Setting

Ensures that the number of operating chillers always stays within a certain range, regardless of changes in demand.

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