Cooling capacity: 450kW to 2100kW

The Daikin Applied VZ Water Cooled Inverter Chiller delivers the highest efficiency in it’s range. With a small footprint, low noise level and wide operation range, the VZ chiller can be used for a variety of applications, including Data Centres, Thermal Storage, Heat Pump and Comfort Cooling.

The new inverter screw water cooled EWWD-VZ chiller, offers the highest ESEER ratings in its class, minimising running costs and CO2 emissions to make it the most efficient chiller in the market. The extremely compact VZ chiller series incorporates a number of advanced technology features that are unique in the market. The new chiller unit offers a 40% reduction in footprint as well as offering a low noise solution with outstanding flexibility to match any specific application.


Efficiency that makes business sense

With an environmental profile that out performs the market competition and delivering outstanding versatility, the new VZ inverter water cooled chiller also delivers on cost-effectiveness, as well as innovation. If compared to a traditional non-inverter product, the VZ can achieve a 25% reduction in running costs with return of investment in less than two years.

  • Summary
VZ Water Cooled Inverter Chiller


  • Top class efficiency: ESEER up to 8.5
  • Wide capacity range: 450kW to 2100kW
  • Flexible design: Up to 1MW single circuit, 2.1MW dual circui t
  • Quiet operation: down to 66 dBA
  • Compact design: only 900mm wide


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