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Daikin on Site - Remote Monitoring

Daikin Applied remote monitoring and control for Chiller plants and Air Handling Units.

Future-oriented technology to improve the efficiency and reliability of your HVAC plant.


Why Daikin on Site? 

Operating costs like energy and maintenance typically account for 85% of the system’s total lifetime cost. Undiscovered energy waste and incorrect operation will increase costs and can even lead to unscheduled interruptions.

Using Daikin Applied's remote monitoring results in optimum use and costs over the system’s entire lifetime:

  • Enhanced control and measuring
  • Monitors the system
  • Reduces risks at the earliest possible moment
  • Keeps the system running as it was intended to


Typical life cycle cost of chillers
Typical life cycle cost of a Chiller (over 15 years)


What is Daikin's remote monitoring?

A solution for customer specific needs

Daikin Applieds remote cloud server collects operational data from the control system of a Daikin Applied Chiller or Air Handling Unit plant. Daikin Applied's Smartcentre then turns this data into useful information on a web user interface.

  • Daikin Applied's remote monitoring has predefined user roles like:
  • operator
  • Service provider
  • Daikin Applied specialists

The features of Daikin’s remote monitoring are designed to:

  • Increase uptime, reduce unscheduled interruptions
  • Optimise efficiency and reduce energy waste
  • Increase lifetime and avoid wear by misuse
  • Give insight into the optimum use of equipment, including advice from a Daikin expert

We will combine Daikin’s remote monitoring with the complementary service programme best suited to your needs.

Daikin on Site


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